Export the goods to abroad

Local service with global aspects:

  • Funding of working capital - Get finance in the contract currency;
  • Buyer’s non-payment risk mitigation – credit control service with risk protection;
  • Sales ledger and cash management – actual receivable accounts status.

Terms and clauses:

  • Funding up to 100% of invoice amount;
  • With net payment term up to 260 days;
  • Starting limit – RUB 30 mio or in equivalent;
  • Factoring fee depends on receivables volume and chosen scheme.

Factoring schemes:

  • Recourse factoring - get finance fast and easy;
  • With net payment term up to 260 days;
  • Non-recourse factoring - secure your business environment.

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How to get the financing?


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Sign factoring agreement


Make the shipment to the Buyer


Get financing